Wednesday, 12 November 2008

SKATE action in CRAZY European Skate Tour!

HOLY MOLEY! This week saw the THE CREAM OF THE XTREEM travelling on an intrepid SKATERPLANKING tour into the little known EU member state WALES!!!
North of France and East of Ireland, Wales is a sparcely populated country but due to very forward thinking artists and architects has been transformed into a self styled SKATE UTOPIA, the chance to experience the vibrancy and culture of such a country could not be missed!

Following our guide we made our way to the bustling city KNEW PORTH and to a SECRET UNDERGROUND wooden WONDERLAND just ready for severe SHRALPAGE! (we ain't gonna tell you where it is kids as it looked totally ILLEGAL!)

This place had everything a THANE RIPPER needed to satisfy they're THANE ADDICTION with arial ramps, grinder boxes and roller bumps of all kinds! KILLER!

BOB BO BIDDLY BO got to business straight away with a text book styled out TRUCK N BOARD SLIDER! Check that Kid in the backround! HE WAS LOVING IT!

By now a HUGE crowd had gathered

and witnessed the MADDENING SICKNESS of the XTREEM TEAM DISPLAY TEAM DOUBLE SLIDER that literally made the local kids go MAD......LITERALLY!

Some other CRAZY Stuff was going down on the other side of the park but no one was there to witness it so we can't say what it was, but you can bet that it was RIPPING!

Habgoose moved on to the more techical area of the skateboard course and mavelled at the build quality by sticking the RADDEST Jump to Wobbly Wall Roller trick like the PRO that he is! GOOD ON YA HABGOOSE!

Thats it for now GNAR FOLLOWERS, remember to keep the DREAM XTREEEM!

Saturday, 1 November 2008


Some, well actually one, of the UK's top BOWL riding legends suprised and EXCITED at least two local children who where not entirely indifferent to the CRAZY FOUR WHEELED ACTION put down on saturday morning at the all new Filton mud wrestling and action sports arena!

Joe Habgoose astounded onlookers as he rolled his way round the concrete skateboarding course REALLY FAST and LAUNCHED himself into the air even using his hands to grip the board! MENTAL!

Along side Joe, a host of notible riders from throughout the southwest came along to LAY down some seriously GNARLY STEEZ as the session began to HEAT up in the BARELY ABOVE FREEZING temperatures!

A young ripper, Frank, formally a Gangbanger and drug dealer from TOTTERDOWN, showed how he has managed to turn his life around with the help of his love of the LORD JESUS CHRIST and ACTIONSPORTS to become one of THE up and commers of the UK skate scene representing in fine style. Here he is SLAYING his demons on the street course with his SLIDING DOWN THE RAIL DOGMA! ... PRAISE BE!

The half-man half-roastdinner known as Poulet layed some serious BIZNESS down in the bowl with the smoothest wheely grinders ever seen that morning while managing to fulfill his obligations as a part-time hair model.

Taking some time from his current UK tour, the dixie star Bob Bobbington III plucked a nice little pivot from his ever expanding list of BOARD WIZARDRY to silence the doubters that Banjo Picking legends can't lay it down when its needs laying down YEEEEEHAAAH!

The session continued and sweet skateboarding went down, tricks were landed such as ARIALS, GRINDERS and other stuff which was RAD. FATHERS skated with SONS and SONS snaked FATHERS and everyone had a very lovely time and coffee was drunk from thermos flasks. DOPE!

Until Next time X-TEEE-REEEEM Fans!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

INSANE Session goes down at Skate MECCA Hengrove!

Yes Yes, another HOT skate session went down tonight at the grove with the usual suspects attending, and some students, and a school kid, and a couple of kids who I presume go to college or something but I can't be sure.

The C&W Great Bob Bo Bobby chewing the fat with Pete Doherty

However, as with any skate session at the hollowed ground of hengrove the session went ORF!

Some CRAZY stunts were laid down by the country and western star Bo Bob Bobbington III such as the DOPE tail skidder thing below!

Styled Out

Even Pete Doherty took time out from his heavy schedule of methadone replacement therapy and dyeing his hair ginger to SHOCK us all with some MAD WOODEN TOY SKILLZ:

Smith Stall


Everyone else skated to the best of their abilities and should also be applauded and deserved to buy themselves a beer (well the adults anyway, and I guess the students might buy some cider or tesco's value lager and some rolling tobacco etc etc, oh and I supposed the school childen can have a curly wurly and a ribena, but only if they brush they're teeth afterwards.)

Friday, 26 September 2008

CRAZY Street session last night!

Yes yes, the time and the place was set for what could only be described as a 'street skate'. Skaters from around the south west gathered at the hollowed skatetopia that was 'the back of Jims office' and set about SHREDDING everything in sight!

First up was some MAD wheely action by the Skate LEGEND Gwildore along the LONGEST Manny pad anyone had seen (in that particular road), not stopping there, Gwildore ROCKED a CRAZY baskside 180 from the road onto the pavement, it was so GNARLY that a passing office worker almost shat his pants! PERRRRP!

We missioned it to the next spot where some student kid who was tagging along did the SICKEST rock n roll on the SICKEST STEEP BANK covered in SICK, the whole CREW instantly BLEW CHUNKS at the SICKNESS coz it was SO SICK!

The CHICKEN LEGGED FREAK they call POULET turned up and used his magic TWEED TRILBY hat wearing STEEZ to ride UP and then DOWN the flatbank with the apparent ease of someone who doesn't have drumsticks for limbs..CRAZY.

The red brick banks in town where the next spot to be hit with everyone KILLING it by rolling up and down and doing some tricks and stuff, it was RAD and the local office workers could bearly believe that this level of skateboarding was happening right infront of their office windows!

A couple of FIXIE PIXIES turned up to see what the commotion was all about and gave MAD PROPS to the POSSE by doing a WHEELIE AND SKID display! FRESH!

Loads more spots were hit up and loads of security guards earned they're money by doing they're best BIG DADDY or GIANT HAYSTACKS impressions behind the big glass doors of office buildings.. EASY! EASY! EASY!

All in all the STREET SKATE was regarded by all as the RADDEST street session to go down in the last week at least. SKATE AND DESTROY!

Monday, 22 September 2008


As promised here is photographic evidence of the MAD session that went down in Victoria park last week, heres Bob just about to BLAST into a smith grind... SICK

Bob Pre Smith

Same move different angle..CHECK THE STEEZ

Bob Smith

Those crazy fixie riders were having a BLAST, RIDING ABOUT, and EATING!

Fixie Brothers

As you can see, it was a HEAVY session, one kid exclaiming 'your the shit!' or something like that.

Peas out you lovers or all things RAD!

Thursday, 18 September 2008


Yes Yes! Last night, Bath, in the south west of the uk, was invaded by an angry mob of skatboarders and fixie riding MANIACS to bring on some Xtreeem action, the session that took place at 'Victoria Park skateboarding and fixie riding training facility' was described by onlookers as 'possibly the sickest skateboarding and fixie riding they've seen that evening' , 'Shouldn't you be wearing pads doing that stuff?' and 'Nice bike mate, can I have a go?' RAD!

Some sick lines were laid down as one fixie rider did a massive SKID, and a skateboarder almost landed a slide on his board or something.