Wednesday, 12 November 2008

SKATE action in CRAZY European Skate Tour!

HOLY MOLEY! This week saw the THE CREAM OF THE XTREEM travelling on an intrepid SKATERPLANKING tour into the little known EU member state WALES!!!
North of France and East of Ireland, Wales is a sparcely populated country but due to very forward thinking artists and architects has been transformed into a self styled SKATE UTOPIA, the chance to experience the vibrancy and culture of such a country could not be missed!

Following our guide we made our way to the bustling city KNEW PORTH and to a SECRET UNDERGROUND wooden WONDERLAND just ready for severe SHRALPAGE! (we ain't gonna tell you where it is kids as it looked totally ILLEGAL!)

This place had everything a THANE RIPPER needed to satisfy they're THANE ADDICTION with arial ramps, grinder boxes and roller bumps of all kinds! KILLER!

BOB BO BIDDLY BO got to business straight away with a text book styled out TRUCK N BOARD SLIDER! Check that Kid in the backround! HE WAS LOVING IT!

By now a HUGE crowd had gathered

and witnessed the MADDENING SICKNESS of the XTREEM TEAM DISPLAY TEAM DOUBLE SLIDER that literally made the local kids go MAD......LITERALLY!

Some other CRAZY Stuff was going down on the other side of the park but no one was there to witness it so we can't say what it was, but you can bet that it was RIPPING!

Habgoose moved on to the more techical area of the skateboard course and mavelled at the build quality by sticking the RADDEST Jump to Wobbly Wall Roller trick like the PRO that he is! GOOD ON YA HABGOOSE!

Thats it for now GNAR FOLLOWERS, remember to keep the DREAM XTREEEM!

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Pig Dog said...

Where can I get a caps lock KEY like yours? I really like it. I mean I like IT.

I've NEVER SEEN such a nice obstacle as what that regular FOOTED headless skateboarder is SQUIFFLING across.