Wednesday, 22 October 2008

INSANE Session goes down at Skate MECCA Hengrove!

Yes Yes, another HOT skate session went down tonight at the grove with the usual suspects attending, and some students, and a school kid, and a couple of kids who I presume go to college or something but I can't be sure.

The C&W Great Bob Bo Bobby chewing the fat with Pete Doherty

However, as with any skate session at the hollowed ground of hengrove the session went ORF!

Some CRAZY stunts were laid down by the country and western star Bo Bob Bobbington III such as the DOPE tail skidder thing below!

Styled Out

Even Pete Doherty took time out from his heavy schedule of methadone replacement therapy and dyeing his hair ginger to SHOCK us all with some MAD WOODEN TOY SKILLZ:

Smith Stall


Everyone else skated to the best of their abilities and should also be applauded and deserved to buy themselves a beer (well the adults anyway, and I guess the students might buy some cider or tesco's value lager and some rolling tobacco etc etc, oh and I supposed the school childen can have a curly wurly and a ribena, but only if they brush they're teeth afterwards.)


Pig Dog said...


Did you know world champion slalom skateboarder BEN GROVE changed his name after skating the Mecca HEN GROVE? Before that he was known as H. ARROW.

Scumtash said...

Alright...own up...who told Pigdog? Mr Comments is here.

Did you know Jim used to be called Dixon Cox and Dave went by the name of Binky Steevers?