Friday, 26 September 2008

CRAZY Street session last night!

Yes yes, the time and the place was set for what could only be described as a 'street skate'. Skaters from around the south west gathered at the hollowed skatetopia that was 'the back of Jims office' and set about SHREDDING everything in sight!

First up was some MAD wheely action by the Skate LEGEND Gwildore along the LONGEST Manny pad anyone had seen (in that particular road), not stopping there, Gwildore ROCKED a CRAZY baskside 180 from the road onto the pavement, it was so GNARLY that a passing office worker almost shat his pants! PERRRRP!

We missioned it to the next spot where some student kid who was tagging along did the SICKEST rock n roll on the SICKEST STEEP BANK covered in SICK, the whole CREW instantly BLEW CHUNKS at the SICKNESS coz it was SO SICK!

The CHICKEN LEGGED FREAK they call POULET turned up and used his magic TWEED TRILBY hat wearing STEEZ to ride UP and then DOWN the flatbank with the apparent ease of someone who doesn't have drumsticks for limbs..CRAZY.

The red brick banks in town where the next spot to be hit with everyone KILLING it by rolling up and down and doing some tricks and stuff, it was RAD and the local office workers could bearly believe that this level of skateboarding was happening right infront of their office windows!

A couple of FIXIE PIXIES turned up to see what the commotion was all about and gave MAD PROPS to the POSSE by doing a WHEELIE AND SKID display! FRESH!

Loads more spots were hit up and loads of security guards earned they're money by doing they're best BIG DADDY or GIANT HAYSTACKS impressions behind the big glass doors of office buildings.. EASY! EASY! EASY!

All in all the STREET SKATE was regarded by all as the RADDEST street session to go down in the last week at least. SKATE AND DESTROY!

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