Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Word up Extreem Fans!

News has filtered through that a number of weeks ago saw the unity of science and wood rolling in a clash that could only be described as SKAENCE!

Bringing the HEAT like a Bunsen Burner the EDUSKATER™ Team arrived at ST.GEORGIES roller board and SCOOTER-X rink to excite and educate the 'YOOT' that science is in fact the FUTURE.

First off the mark to IGNITE the youngsters minds was the eminant Molecular Physisist Dr Jōseph Harbgōōde of the Physik-Institut UZH. Using his superior intellect combined with his RADICLE PARTICLE PRINCIPLES™ Dr Jōseph became a metaphysical Quark shooting through the electron field of a atom and attempting to escape the negative charge holding it to its orbit, the KIDS were amazed that just by watching some old dude roll around some bowls they could understand the inner workings of the universe at a subatomic level! ATOMIC!

Aled Joenes


Next up was the noted genetisist Dr. B. Bob from the institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, as ever the Dr. was on a mission to solve the genetic riddles that plague mankind, via the medium of rollerboarding Dr.B demonstrated the causality of photonic interference on DNA structure which causes mutation and incorrect protein sequencing by BLASTING the metaphysical DNA strand with his metaphysical photon of pure THANE!

Push Grinder


By now the kids were hooked and were filled with important scientific questions such as 'Are you sure you should be doing that at your age?' and 'Careful grandad, do you need help with getting out of the bowl?'

The noted Astrophysist and super teacher Mr. L. Poulet was ready to RIP and tell the kids about space travel and the difficulties of leaving this fair planet we call home, his incredible teaching skills where put to full use as he WOWED the considerable gathering of children biting at the bit in order to LEARN from they're wise elder by BLASTING into ORBIT with a SICK turny grabber. The children instantly understood the intricacies of that RAD bloke Newton and his third law along with escape velocities and moving in a vacuum!

Drumstick Turner


That my friends is where the lesson ends, the scientists packed up thier bags and headed for the Large Hadron Collider to continue thier ground breaking studies into the machinations of the universe via the medium of Xtreem sports!

Note: Since this article was published it has be disclosed to the press that during a particularly SWEET session rolling planking within the Large Hadron Collider (it happens to be a massive full pipe), an unknown employee accidently activated the machine and all members of the EDUSKATER™ team where instantly converted into plasma. Its is possible that they now exist on a higher realm and continue to RIDE through the temporary inhabitation of mere mortals to continue to spead the word that RAD doesn't have to be RETARDED!

Until next time my learned X-T-Reem fans KEEP THE DREAM XTREEEM!

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