Friday, 26 June 2009

Hella Fresh Crew Liberate locals!

Last Wednesday saw members of the underground skate ANARCHIST group THE HELLA FRESH CREW decend upon the newly refurbished DAME EMELAY downhill roller action arena and LAY WASTE to the concrete conundrum by dropping BOMBS all over the place!

Little is known about this tight knit crew apart from the fact that if they hit up your town for a session, that session will uplift the proletariat and overthrow the bourgeois supremists regime that is shackling the working class into a life of subserviant obedience! It was no surprise then that almost as soon as the HFC appeared at the DAMER (as the locals call it) shit was gonna be POLITICAL YO!

Onlookers were astounded by the skill that these FREEDOM FIGHTERS displayed, performing various jumps, some at least 3ft high, with apparently nothing attaching them to their 4 wheeled trays apart from they're left wing agenda!

The team set they're sights on conquering the newly refurbished smooth uppity bit into a steep wall like structure with some metal plating on the top.
It didn't take long before Deva the Tac* LIBERATED an amazing up to the top twist the wrong way axle stopper and back the way you came-er from his bag of SOCIALIST LITERATURE and HOT roller boarding trickery!
bring the storm
KARL MARX Salutes you!

Hiding his features from the onlooking CCTV network with a HUGE BEARD, Juses Guavara* the supposid love child of Che Guavara and Evita took up the challenge to FREE THE MINDS of the repressed youth with this amazing back axle toucher!
touchy touchy
Your (alledged) Dad would be Proud!

Obviously the display was having the desired effect as the local inhabitants had already gathered into a large frenzied group and where preparing to march on council offices to demand their rights as citizens, two of the HFC, Deva the Tac and Jymmi The Jemas*, took the opportunity to remind the baying mob that VIOLENCE is not the answer with DEMOCRATIC DOUBLE front of the board slipper up the wedgy grinder!
Doppleganger banger

The mob was instantly pacified, but having the political fires stoked in their hearts marched off bearing the positive socialist message of freedom for the Masses and free dental care for all! POLITICS AT WORK!
Knowing that their work was done the HFC quickly dissappeared before the supressive Capitalist Authorites arrived, like ghosts they were gone!
Until Next time XTREEM FANS


* Names have been changed to protect the HFC from ongoing investigations into their activities.

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